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Whether you're at the idea stage or ready to grow your business, The Société is here to support you.

Hey Boss Babe!

I’m so glad you’re here.

The Société is something I’ve dreamed about doing for a long, long time. I started working on this in August last year, with the aim of making it THE best online community for Female Entrepreneurs.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with the experience of running profitable online and offline companies and within the first few months of starting my company four years ago, I realized just how lonely entrepreneurship could be.

It wasn’t just the loneliness that got to me, either. It was the constant self doubt, it was the lack of clear direction and understanding of my purpose at a deep level, it was also a lack of skills that I just did not learn in Business School.

I’ve successfully grown and still run one of the largest networks of ambitious women in the world (you may know it as #BossBabe) but I had this niggle inside of me that grew to a screaming voice within, telling me that I could be doing more to inspire, support and bring together female entrepreneurs.

…and so here we are. Trust me when I tell you that The Société is a community that will support you through your journey of life, entrepreneurship and growth in a way that you deep down know that you need right now.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you in there!

XO, Natalie

Why are we different?

Firstly: we know a thing or two about supporting female entrepreneurs, and growing audiences and communities…


#BossBabes in our Social Media Community

10 Million+

Monthly Reach on Our Channels


#BossBabes Directly Supported Monthly

A “one size fits all” strategy won’t create success in your business.

Every business, entrepreneur, situation and approach is completely different.

We understand that and it's exactly why we've created The Société to be tailored to you.


You get a great idea and start to work on it, but SELF DOUBT creeps in and stops you moving forward?

You struggle to see how you could create SUCCESS the way others do it?

You just can’t grow your AUDIENCE but you know this would supercharge your business.

You often lack strong clarity or DIRECTION but know if you had it, you’d be successful.

You aren’t SUPPORTED by friends and family because they don’t really understand.

You’re building a business in ISOLATION and know it’s time to make Business Besties.

You’ve downloaded free guides/strategies but they just aren’t applying to YOU.

You don’t have the FINANCES to leave your current situation and grow your business.

...then, surprisingly, I have great news.

Every single one of those things is FIXABLE and you can turn your situation into one that is successful beyond your wildest dreams.

We created The Société because it’s everything we wish we had when starting & growing our multiple (successful!) businesses.

We’re here to support you through the highs, lows and massive milestones that you know you can create.

So, can you take a minute to imagine this

You Understand

Your Audience

You know who they are, you understand how to serve them and you’re getting your message out in front of them. Your audience are completely engaged with you/your brand.

You Have Full

Clarity & Direction

You understand your passion and purpose and feel complete clarity on what’s meant for you. Now you know how to take this in the direction of a profitable business.

You Have a Step by Step Success Plan

You Have Limitless Income Potential

No more feeling stuck. You have a step by step plan and know exactly what you need to do to achieve success. You don’t feel alone when you hit a roadblock, instead you’re supported through the problem with a solution.

You set your financial goals and smashed them. You then realized, as a successful entrepreneur you have limitless income potential and are willing to put the work in to get there. You are supported when you hit a ceiling and are encouraged to dream bigger.

You’re The Go-To Leader in Your Space

Your Confidence

Has Skyrocketed

You have hundreds (or thousands, or millions!) of customers, clients and followers thanking you for the impact your business has made on their lives. You helped them with exactly what they wanted.

The confidence you have in yourself is greater than it’s ever been. You don’t doubt that you’re powerful and deserving of everything you dream of and you’re ready to go and get it.

You Have The

Luxury of Freedom

You Are Happy

and Energized

The real luxury is that you’re SO happy, energized and productive. You have the tools you need, strong support behind you and you’re completely taking over.

You’re able to spend more quality time with your family, take incredible vacations, pay off any debt and are able to work from home (or anywhere in the world!).

Monthly Success Kits

Instead of buying and piecing together 10 courses this year, we’ve got absolutely everything you need right here in The Société. 

Every month, we invite an expert (with proven thriving business success) in to teach you their secrets. Expect a Masterclass or Video Series with our expert and a Workbook designed for you to go alongside the class.

Each month we'll focus on a different area, making sure that each month is buildable as a strategy and customizable to your business.

Coaching Sessions

At the beginning of every month we'll host a Goal Setting Workshop. This will be a place where we'll set goals, create an action plan for the entire month and a strategy for getting there. Oh, and they're so fun that they may end up being the highlight of your month!

In the middle of each month we'll hold a group coaching Q&A session with you where you can get all of your business questions answered. Push past any blocks that stop you from achieving your goals this month and work with us to get the answers you need.

All sessions are online and are hosted at a time that'll work with everyones timezones, because we're all international babes in here!

Exclusive Resource Vault

…a brand new, Monthly Success Kit delivered to you every single month!

…work with us directly (AND your amazing Société besties) at least twice per month!

…with done for you legal templates, how-to videos, swipe files and workbooks.

Affirmation Bundles

...we'll set an affirmation each month & send you a gorgeous pack of wallpapers for your laptop and phone.

Spotlight Awards hard and you could win a HUGE business package worth $1,600 for free - every month!

We're always updating the resource vault with everything you need to make your business wildly successful. Don't see what you need? Just request it!

Each month we'll award one Société member with a Spotlight Award. You’ll win two 1:1 30 minute Coaching Sessions, promotion to our audience of over 1 Million #BossBabes and an exclusive Société Swag Bag.


We believe in collaboration every step of the way.

We also believe that success should be shared and celebrated.

Progress Partners

...we'll pair you with another Société babe so you can hold each other accountable every month.

A Different Kind of Community...

Our active community is packed with badass, friendly, high performing women.

You're probably going to find your next business besties in The Société.

But, it's not just the usual Facebook Group community you're used to. 

In Person Events

...organize or attend a meet-up in your city! Grab a cocktail or coffee with your new Société babes.

Book Club

...if reading is your thing, join our book club each month & learn and discuss alongside us.

Société Socialites

Join us in the group where we'll be chatting amongst ourselves about everything business and personal.

We'll be going live to hang out with you guys regularly, as well as sharing articles we're loving and other bits of information we know you'll find so much value in.

...oh and our team will be on hand to answer any questions you have in there too.

Behind The Scenes

...every now and then we'll send a link and invite you to go behind the scenes and see exactly how we run our business.

Working Together, We'll Help You Create More Success, Faster.



We're giving you the roadmap.

Move from...


Lacking clarity and direction;

Being unsure of the steps to take;

Struggling to grow your audience;

Not making enough sales;

Being fed up with struggling;

Feeling lonely;

Knowing you can create success if you're just supported more.

Having a step by step success plan;

Boosting your monthly income;

Attracting your ideal clients;

Growing your social following;

Feeling supported and happy;

Getting answers to your questions;

Beginning to scale your dream business.

We asked some of our members what their favorite part of The Société was...


here's what members are saying about their new girl gang!


from our current members...





Meet Your Two Coaches...

Armed with a degree in Business Management, Natalie is a successful serial entrepreneur with a love for business strategy, psychology and entrepreneurship. Natalie has worked with academic institutions and government organizations to advise on young entrepreneurship, as well as winning over 11 national awards for her work in the space. Natalie's passion lies in empowering and supporting women to have the confidence and skills to build and run successful businesses.

We've also got an incredibly talented team behind the scenes at Boss Babe who will support you through your journey at The Société.

Joining Natalie at #BossBabe is power house business woman Danielle. After starting her own business at 22, Danielle has gone on to become a serial 6-figure entrepreneur. Danielle understands that being a successful entrepreneur is not just about the business skills but about personal development, facing new challenges, and pushing through fears. As a trained business coach and chiropractor Danielle’s passions lie in high performance, business strategy and sales.

More Testimonials

Hands down, having Natalie as my mentor has been the best business decision of my life! As I changed my career path I was left with a ton of doubt and brain fog on what steps to take next. I knew if I didn’t invest in someone who had ‘been there, done that’ I was in for years of growing pains.

She gave me real world advice and actionable items to follow, getting me to my goal faster than I ever thought possible. I even wrote and published a full length book in 1/3rd of the time by putting her growth hacks into place. 

If you want a clear path to profitability, and you want it to happen NOW, I highly suggest working with Natalie to get there!

Kashlee Kucheran


What it Could Mean to Win a Spotlight Award...

Each month we'll award one Société member with a Spotlight Award. You’ll win two 1:1 30 minute Coaching Sessions, promotion to our audience of over 1 Million #BossBabes and an exclusive Société Swag Bag.

"As a result, I've made $14,000. More important than the numbers, is the fact that the ladies in this community want to create transformation and change in their business. They are committed. Every single woman I have talked to on the phone are passionate about their businesses and careers, and seek continuous growth. Thank you, Natalie, for this opportunity and for letting me be a part of such a great community."

Elaine Lou Cartas

Global Career & Assertiveness Coach

Here's an example of the power of this promotion... We promoted Elaine's Masterclass to the BossBabe Community, where she gave away word-to-word scrips to help our community have difficult business conversations and change their perspectives. This was a funnel for Elaine which then converted in a couple of weeks to make $14,000 in profit.

Having Danielle as my coach and mentor has brought massive success for my life and career. Before working together, I had plans and goals to start my own business, but fear was holding me back. 

Danielle helped me see the abilities in myself and with her help, I created my business and finally left my job in 4 weeks. She sees my blind spots, offers her years of experience as a successful business owner, and most importantly, holds my vision for me no matter what. She cheers me on and helps me celebrate my wins (which I have rarely done before). 

I’ve started a business, created an effective morning routine, and the mindset I️ need to operate powerfully. I would recommend Danielle as a coach to anyone who needs genuine and effective support in their life and career.


Is this suitable for me if I don't have a business yet?

Yep! If you're still figuring out your idea, we've got you. You'll complete a questionnaire as soon as you login and we'll show you which area will be most beneficial. If you're in the idea stage, we'll help you gain clarity and direction, then walk you through all of the steps.

Is this suitable for me if I'm in Network Marketing?

Yes! We love network marketing babes. There is so much information for you inside The Société.

I just signed up, but have not received an email yet?

Make sure you check your promotions and junk folders within your email account. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, please whitelist us so that we go directly into your inbox. That way you’ll never miss any incredible updates or news! :)

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel anytime. Just inform us that you would like to cancel 30 days prior to your next billing date in order to not be charged for that next billing period. 

What payment plans are available?

The Société is a monthly membership community, meaning members pay monthly. However, on occasions the membership may open with a discounted annual membership option, this is subject to availability. 

How does billing work?

If you choose to sign up through the monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the yearly payment, you will make a one time payment and be set for the entire year (and receive an extra goodie too!). 

What if I have a question that is not listed on this page?

We would love to help you in anyway we can. Please email [email protected] with any general enquiries and [email protected] for all billing enquiries. We will get back to you ASAP with an answer!

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